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We are the new world of investing where you come first and the options are more. Choose among a variety of investment products, and whether to pick a product only or a portfolio.

Trade a single instrument or invest in a portfolio of assets.

Trade An Instrument

We offer various assets ranging from cryptocurrencies, to forex, commodities, indexes, stocks, ETFs, and the all new Pre-IPOs.

Build A Portfolio

We also offer portfolios which allow you to invest in more than one asset class at a time. Portfolios are a great options if you want more.

Whatever your financial goals are, we want to partner with you, and walk the whole journey with you.

About Smart Option 247

We are everything a traditional financial institution is not. We set out to give investors better, simpler and more profitable ways to become financially successful and secure.

We have been known to give investors the better choice.

Our Story

With over 230,000 investments under our management, $5 billion+ in assets under our administration, over 11 industry awards, we have made Smart Option 247 the safe haven for investors who want to trust their financial partner to be capable of helping them reach their financial goals, and in due time, without the fear of disappointments.

Our investors are confident in our ability to make a promise and fulfill that promise. We go beyond our promise to put smiles on the faces of our clients. We have investors from all over the world, who have been with us for over seven years now and counting.

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Fund your investment account quickly and easily, using our Bitcoin payment system directly from your wallet.

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While experiencing the amazing benefits of investing us, you can also earn bonuses when you refer us to others.

Invest With Elite Assets

We combine strategy and insight with technology.

Our trading system combines proven strategy with modern technology to deliver best results for investors.

Welcome to Smart Option 247

You can trust us to help make your financial dream come true

We are your trustworthy financial partner. We're trusted by over 230,000 successful investors from across the world. We want you to be on that list.

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More About Us

Our Vision and Mission

  • V

    To build a leading digital asset management company that invevstors can trust to reach the future they’ve dreamed about

  • M

    Deploying our intrinsic value-based investment philosophy in providing investment products and services that offer investors a better way to invest

Succeed With Us!

Why Choose Smart Option 247

Here’s why thousands of investors trust and invest with Smart Option 247 , and why you should, too.

Advanced trading setup

Our trading systems are setup with the best hands to take trade calls in investments, and we combine this with analytics from our trading robots.

With over 140 trading setups and over 300 trading experts working together with our AI-powered software, analyses come in handy, and are doubly checked for accuracy and market timeliness before trades are made.

  • Advanced trading systems
  • Experienced trade experts
  • AI-powered market analysis
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Earn up to 54% return on investment with Elite Assets Portfolios

You can earn up to 54% return on your investment with us when you invest in any of our portfolios, which combine our best performing assets. These portfolios are specially managed and hedged.

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We're building a financial company with people as our fundamental goal. We call it the wealth partnership.

We understand that our clients are humans with dreams, and that we are partners of their dreams. Our goal therefore, is to build the company that is committed to helping investors set and achieve financial goals within the shortest time possible.

Matt HouganFounding Partner

We Keep Your Money Safe

  • Over $5B and counting - More than 230,000 people trust over $5 billion with Smart Option 247

  • Smart Option 247 is backed by $3.1 billion in investment from some of the world's largest financial institutions

  • We use advanced data encryption when handling your financial information and two-factor protection (2FA)

Select Your Prefered Investment Plan

Choose between individual assets and portfolios to invest and start profiting.

See more plans in our Pricing Page

  • Assets
  • Portfolios
Crypto Trade
$ 10,000 minimum
  • Trade up to $100,000
  • ROI: 28%
  • Duration: 30 Days
  • Referral Bonus: 5%
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Crypto Arbitrage
$ 25,000 minimum
  • Trade up to $500,000
  • ROI: 30%
  • Duration: 30 Days
  • Referral Bonus: 5%
  • Signup Bonus
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Crypto Elite20
$ 50,000 minimum
  • Trade up to $500,000
  • ROI: 42%
  • Duration: One Month
  • Referral Bonus: 5%
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Cryptoassets Portfolio
$ 100,000 minimum
  • Trade up to $1,000,000
  • ROI: 44% Monthly
  • Duration: Three Months
  • Referral Bonus: 7%
  • Signup Bonus
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Invest with Purpose

We match strategy with your wealth goals.

Our trading system combines proven strategy with modern technology to deliver best results for investors.

We are only as good
as our clients say we are

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